We had some friends over and decided to make fajitas (Tex-Mex).  Always fun to fill your flour tortilla to your liking with beef and all the other fixings, like salsa, cheese, sour creme, and guacamole.  I used a flank steak for the beef.  Normally I bake it on a large skillet.  Now I grilled the beef after a few hours in a marinade on the bbq till pretty rare, cut the beef in strips and finish it on the hot skillet with onions and bell peppers.

I also made a home-made salsa, based on Tyler Florence’s Salsa Roja recipe.  I used dried ancho chiles, dried Anaheim chiles and chipotle chiles from a can (I didn’t have dried).  I used a bit more peppers then the recipe called for, so it was very hot!  I split it in two, and added a bit of sour cream to one part to reduce the heat a bit.  At the end of the meal both were almost finished, a good sign! 🙂

Home made salsa roja

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