About Me


A short life history.

I was born in the Netherlands, but moved to St.Maarten in the Caribbean when I was 4 years old.  When I was 18 I moved back to Holland to study and after a few years back on St.Maarten moved to the United States with my (now) husband.  I lived in the South (Texas!), the East (Washington DC) and for the last 17+ years in the West (San Francisco Bay Area).

Food, food, food!

Living in different places in the world exposed me to a lot of different cuisines.  I grew up with Caribbean food, ranging from Jamaican, like jerk chicken, to West Indian, like roti.  My mom grew up in Indonesia, and she often cooked Indonesian for us.  I now enjoy cooking it as well.  Especially the ‘rijsttafel’, an assortment of many different dishes.  My friends love it!  The island where I grew up is half Dutch and half French, and French food is also one of my favorites.  And what do you know, Texas has great food too!  I love the Tex-Mex, like fajitas.  Living in California, I love fresh California food, and of course Mexican food.