Home Cooked Meals

No time for cooking?  Tired of take-out?  Packaged meal kits that you still need to cook yourself doesn’t do it for you?  I would love to cook for you and your family!

How does it work?

I am cooking meals three times a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  You can find this week’s menu in the right sidebar.   Call or text me a few days ahead to reserve.  Other days on special request. Just contact me and we can discuss your choice of cuisine, how many are in your party and other special requests.

What kind of food will you cook?

It can be anything… Caribbean (think Creole Chicken), French (think Coq au Vin), Indonesian (think Sate in Peanut Sauce), Spanish (think Tapas), but also ‘normal’ fare, like pastas, ribs, lasagna, jambalaya…  Examples can be seen on My Food Blog.

Do you deliver?

It depends on where you live.

Will my kids eat it?

My kids love my food, they grew up with it.  The meals are usually spiced, which doesn’t always mean spicy.  I normally don’t cook ‘too’ spicy.  We can discuss your likes and dislikes and adjust according to you and your children’s palette.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $15 per serving.  Sometimes I will have to charge a few dollars more when it is more elaborate (e.g. Indonesian Rijsttafel) or has expensive ingredients (e.g. lamb).

Can you teach me?

Yes, I can!  I offer cooking classes.  These  are low-key fun events, for up to 6 people, where you will learn to create delicious dishes, and eat them too.

Can you cook for a dinner party?

Yes!  I can cater if you have a group of friends over, or having a bigger event (up to 80 people). The Indonesian rijsttafel is popular since there are many dishes to choose from.  Best days will be Friday-Sunday.