Cooking Classes

Cooking is fun!

Tired of cooking the same old thing for your family?  Let me show you how you can cook something new & delicious without too much effort!  How fun would it be to do this with a group of friends!

What can you expect?

A fun filled approx. two hours cooking demo, where we will prepare dishes from scratch together and sit and enjoy them after!  Menu will be discussed prior, we can make a full menu with wine pairing or a specialty dish that you have always wanted to learn how to make.

You will be served a complete meal: appetizer, main course and (maybe) dessert!  It will be served with the appropriate beverage, wine or cocktail.  All included!  My goal is to offer you a fun night, with good food, and making you excited to cook something new for your family as well!

Can I take notes?

Yes, as much as you want.  I will also give you a recipe with step-by-step directions, so you can prepare what you have learned in class at home for your family and friends in the future.

What kind of food will you teach us to cook?

I offer different classes.  My most popular class is Indonesian Food, but I also enjoy teaching Caribbean and French cuisine or even Tapas.

Will I be able to actually cook it myself at home?

Yes, you should!  My recipes are not too complicated.  You might be able to make most meals under an hour!  I will also tell you where to buy the ingredients, like spices, locally.  Although my cooking might look exotic, it is actually not that hard to make and the ingredients are readily available.

How many people will be in a class?

Class sizes will be small.  Six people max.,  so we can have great interactions and I can give everyone personal attention.

How much does it cost?

Classes are $60 per person.  This includes a full meal and drinks.  Kind of like going out for dinner plus learning how to cook a delicious meal!  Some more elaborate classes will be a bit more expensive.

Can I just get a group of friends together for a class?

Yes! Private cooking parties are a great way to get your friends together for a fun night of cooking and eating.   Whatever the occasion; birthday party, bridal shower, corporate/team building event, or just a fun night out with friends, we can accommodate your group at GoBeach Cooks.  Private classes are reserved for your group only.  You pick the date we do the rest.

So call your friends and let’s get started!