Organizing a party, event, dinner or maybe just tapas and want to serve something more original than the same old, same old?  Plated or buffet style? How about an Indonesian Rijsttafel!?  Or Caribbean Food?  Or French cuisine? Or Spanish tapas?

What is Indonesian Food?

It is comparable to Thai and Indian food.  But it has some Chinese and Dutch influences as well.  It has a very original taste.  The soy sauce used is not salty but sweet (ketjap manis).  The hot sauces (sambals) are based on chili-based, but are often mixed with different ingredients, giving it a very original taste.  It is often curry-like spiced.  The food tastes very fresh, with sweet and sour ingredients.  All my friends love it!

What is an Indonesian Rijsttafel?

Rijsstafel (‘rice table’) is a Dutch invention (Indonesia was a Dutch colony).  It consists of many small dishes served in small portions with rice in the middle.  I normally do a chicken dish, 2 beef dishes, 2 vegetable dishes, 2 pickled vegetable dishes, kroepoek (shrimp crackers), pisang goreng (fried plantain) and most people’s favorite: eggs in katjang (peanut) sauce.

How did you learn to cook this?

In Holland you grow up with Indonesian food, a lot of people cook it.  However, most people use pre-packed mixes.  I don’t. I cook from scratch.  My mom grew up in Indonesia and she cooked it for us all the time when we lived on St.Maarten (Caribbean).  Which is also where I learned to cook Caribbean and French food (like coq au vin).

I am worried about being it too spicy for my guests…

Although I add sambal to most of my dishes, I don’t make it too hot.  It use a lot of different spices, but not necessary hot ones.  There will be side dishes with different kinds of sambal (hot sauces) for people who want it more spicy.  I can adjust spiciness according to your family’s preferences.

Can you do other things?

Yes, of course.  I think my niche is Indonesian food, because not many people know it in the Bay Area.  Having grown up in the Caribbean, I can cook a nice Caribbean inspired meal as well.  I love French cuisine, and can create culinary food for you.  I can help you with the wine pairing.  Or whatever your favorite is… We can come up with a menu together.

How about my vegetarian or gluten-free friends?

I will always include vegetarian dishes.  Vegan will be harder.  Gluten-free is not easy with Indonesian food either unfortunately but I can include some dishes.

For how many people can you cook?

If you want the Indonesian Rijsstafel then 20 persons is the minimum.  Maximum about 80 people.