Christmas Party

Catered a Christmas Party for a friend (I was invited as a guest as well 🙂 ).  It was meant to be ‘just’ finger food, not a whole meal, but still substantial, since there would be some drinking…  It also was a low-key event, so presentation was low-key as well 🙂 .  I can present it more ‘elegant’.

This is what I made: deviled eggs, filled with salmon, topped with caviar, hummus (plain and eggplant) with (store bought) pita, salsa (spicy) with (store bought) tortilla chips (natural and blue), sate (pork) with peanut sauce, plus (store bought) french bread to dip in the peanut sauce, Brazilian cheese balls, goat cheese + bacon filled peppers, colorful vegetable plate, chocolate coated figs and apricots, cognac infused chocolate truffles.  Almost all these dishes were gluten free, except for sate with peanut sauce, pita, chips, french bread.  Things I didn’t make: samosas with green and red sauce, three kinds of cheeses with grapes, various nuts.