Mini Rijsttafel

Cooked some yummy Indonesian food!  Lots of it actually.  For two families and we had 4 guests over!  What was I thinking 🙂  .  Let me see what was on the plate…  Going clockwise…  katjang telor (egg in peanut sauce), ajam opor (soy + coconut chicken), terong boemboe padang (curry eggplant), dengdeng ragi (baked marinated beef), pisang goreng (fried plantain), sajoer lodeh (spiced green beans), kroepoek (shrimp toast), rendang (curried beef).  With rice (‘nasi‘) in the middle. Also some fresh pickled cucumber (atjar ketmoen) on the side.  Served with water and red wine the guests brought over or a fresh lager.  Everyone enjoyed it, incl. our vegetarian guest.

Indonesian to go!

Rib eye!

For the family cooked a nice rib eye steak.  Rare to medium-rare on the barbecue, with Idaho potato out of the microwave, and a bit of salad and asparagus.  Also cut up some mushrooms which the kids love with the steak.  My husband loves it with spreadable liverwurst, which taste a bit like pâté, almost a tournedos rossini, minus the toast!  Served with a nice glass of Malbec from Argentina!